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Koncept Rengøring

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The brief

Jan is currently developing a method of tracking staff’s work processes so that correlations between these and work related health issues can be discovered and handled early on. This DEMOLA case will provide you with the challenges of understanding work processes in different industries, tailoring a generic product that can track movement to serve the specific industries’ needs and in the end make a concept that is commercially viable in the most promising industries.

The background

After numerous years in the cleaning industry, working as an operational manager of cleaning businesses, Jan Madsen finally decided to quit and start his own company. His philosophy was that running an honest cleaning business where no one was cheated, neither clients nor employees, had to be possible. The company he founded was Koncept Rengøring which now employs 25 motivated employees who together have less sick days than the average individual cleaner in the industry has. He is currently developing a sophisticated system to track his staff’s movement so that corrective initiatives can be made before work injuries occur. With this case, Jan is looking to identify new applications for the system so that it can be implemented in many more industries than his own.

The problem

In many industries, unhealthy work processes cause high levels of sick leave. In the cleaning business, the industry average is 20 %, but Jan has seen what a focus on ensuring good work processes can do to that; “The average sick leave in my business is 1 %. I believe that’s the result of us putting people first and decency and honesty as our hallmarks” explains CEO Jan Madsen, continuing “it is my hope that with this technology, we can be part of spreading that to a whole lot of other sectors.” The problem that the team must solve together Jan therefore is to define other users for the technology and gauging how it can be brought to those industries.

The solution

The vision is to develop a concept for how the technology can be used to track work processes in different industries and create business cases on how the technology can be brought into those industries. The successful project will have generated important empirical data and linked it to the market through a cleverly designed solution.