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Syddanske Studerende

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The brief

Universities are in many ways similar to small societies. We have inhabitants in the form of students, researchers and staff; we have laws in the form of rules and governances structures; and we even have our own democracy built up of multiple layers where students get direct influence on decisions made in the university. However, far too many students never engage in the democratic processes that happen every day at the university, making Syddanske Studerende, the university’s largest student union pose the case; how can we motivate students to engage in developing their university?

The background

Syddanske Studerende is the largest student union at SDU and is responsible for both political non-political activities at the university. Every semester they host the semester start party to bring together students from all over the university, but every day they work to improve the university for the students. They have been responsible for initiatives such as Campus Life which has led to the investment of 20.000.000 kroner and a project called “The Students’ Voice” which has led to the implementation of new rules regarding student involvement in decision making at the university. “We are truly thrilled with the improvements we continuously help bring about at SDU, but we would love it if we could get a wider involvement of our fellow students” Student President, Klaus Rose explains.

The problem

Despite Syddanske Studerende’s success in their cause, they continue to find it difficult to involve the broad student body at SDU, making them pose this case. “Developing the university and representing our fellow students in the media as well as the board room can be difficult when getting the dialogue going is as difficult as it is today” Klaus says, continuing; “with a continuous dialogue and larger engagement of the wide student body at SDU, we would be able to much better substantiate our claims towards the management of our university as well as the politicians, so that is exactly what we are hoping to achieve with this project.” The university is currently characterized by a low involvement from the student community when it comes the development of their educations and its surroundings. The problem is increasing in magnitude and students are in an increasing degree abstaining from voicing their concerns through course evaluations and their democratically elected representatives. “We have seen that fewer people are involving themselves, which is a shame, since students are such a resource when it comes to developing our educations and university. We hope that we with this project can identify what keeps our fellow students from involving themselves and develop new ways of ensuring student involvement at SDU” Says Klaus Rose, Student President.

The solution

The vision is to develop a concept for improving student engagement in the democratic processes and development work at SDU. The perfect project identifies what keeps students at SDU from involving themselves and develops new ways of ensuring student involvement at SDU.