Plus Pack - How does our world look in 2025?


Plus Pack

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  • business & concepts
  • design & art
  • education
  • engineering
  • environment
  • healthcare
  • media & communications
  • social science

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The brief

Where IKEA asked “How will we behave around food in 2025?”, Plus Pack could ask “How will we behave around food packaging in 2025?”. Supporting questions could be: based on the new technology and digital development, how might we envision new consumer and market needs in relation to food packaging?

The background

Businesses need to constantly renew themselves and develop new products to perform in the future global competition. New technology revolutionizes consumer behavior and create new needs, highly facilitated by new opportunities for interaction: - The new markeplace is everywhere - There's real time personalization - catering to consumers in real time - Technology enables easy communication from and to producer/consumer One example is IKEA, who envisions that the future kitchen becomes an interactive control centre, where the table tells you exactly what you should be cooking by sensing the food placed on its surface. Once you’re done cooking, food storage containers do away with the refrigerator by keeping produce at exactly the right temperature on shelves. The design will also encourage you to recycle…. It serves to tangibly show what we might be doing in 2025: how we’ll be growing our food, storing it; how we’ll be cooking, eating, living and working in the kitchen.