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  • business & concepts
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  • social science

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The brief

Tourism and experiences are two topics that over the past years have grown to become quite important factors for the Danish economy. Tourism is big business and many new private and public tourist attractions are brought into the global market for tourism every year. Current tourist attractions are getting bigger and bigger, e.g. Legoland, LaLandia and for the mature population festivals like Tinderbox expands year after year. The economical perspective is not only substantial from a business perspective it is also quite substantial in many municipalities economies across Denmark. In Middelfart they move with this DEMOLA case to make a substantial investment to improve their Bridge Walking attraction in a way that will make the attraction more approachable for seniors and the young audience.

The background

Middelfart muncipality is proud of their nature and their unique position near stunning nature and the beautiful sea. The municipality and Project Manager Lone Skjoldaa’s ambition is to build a family concept that will build on these qualities as well as the established and successful Bridge Walking attraction. “Bridge Walking is a tourist attraction, which makes is possible to walk across and on top of the Little Belt Bridge. It gives the tourist a great view of the belt and the surrounding landscapes and truly has grown in interest over the last years” Lone explains.

The problem

The problem is that currently the Bridge Walking attraction only caters to the more mobile, agile and adventurous part of the tourist segment, making Middelfart Municipality see a potential in expanding the concept in a way that will increase their user-base to encompass the whole family. In this project, you will be part of developing a new concept based on Bridge Walking and get the chance to develop side-by-side with an experienced Project Manager, Middelfart Municipality as well as the 50 Bridge Walking tour guides.

The solution

The vision is to develop a concept for a new tourist attraction in connection to Bridge Walking, for example by using the new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual reality and the like. The central elements will be context understanding, customer and end-user understanding and end-user validated development concepts. The truly strong solution is a complete business model with validated information.