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The brief

Make a difference that’s what we do. Cycling Without Age (CWA) is an international community with the goal to bring happiness and quality of life to our elderly citizens. CWA supports a number of volunteers that is connected to a local nursing home. The volunteers take the elders for a ride on a specially made cycle. The purpose of this, is to give the elders a feeling of freedom. Just the kind of feeling you experience when you ride your cycle. When you are an elderly citizen in a nursing home, you are often not able to ride a cycle on your own. This is how CWA make a difference every day. Can you help us to the next level?

The problem

In Denmark CWA have between 2,500 and 3,000 volunteers in their communities, and with only 2.5 fulltime employees to support this growing number of volunteers. It is a costly business, both in money and time to run a social entrepreneurship community such as CWA. CWA is partly funded by foundations who have granted money for development and not for company operations. This means that CWA needs to think in new ways to ensure that they still can make a difference. CWA are considering anything from a new sustainable business model to a new way of thinking about sponsorship and CSR.